Planning my first big overseas trip felt more like a nightmare than a dream come true… I must have packed & unpacked my bag about 10 times. I spent endless hours searching through travel books & on the internet for the sights I had to see, where to go & where not to go, what to do & what not to do… I spent a lot of money on getting the right travel gear & the right clothes for all of my destinations.
I spent a lot of time feeling completely overwhelmed.
I was stressed & anxious.
I cried when I finally got on the plane…

As the age old saying goes… “I wish I knew then, what I know now.”

Planning a big international trip can often cause a lot of stress, anxiety & overwhelming thoughts. It can bring up fears & a whirlwind of crazy scenarios & long lists of things you need to do, or buy.

Planning your adventure doesn’t have to be this way. Follow these 10 steps to make it easy, simple & enjoyable.

1 – Decide on your destination/s
What are you passionate about, beaches, snow, the Spanish language, Italian food? Pick your destination based on your passions.
2 – Decide the length of your trip
How long can you take off work? How long do you want to be away for? How long can you afford to be away for? Decide on a reasonable time frame & stick to it.
3 – Research, research, research
Google Lonely Planet guides. Visit the local library. Consider things such as visas & vaccinations, costs, safety, sight-seeing, other peoples’ recommendations & local experiences.
4 – Set a budget
Once you have done your research you will have an idea of costs. Set a budget for the trip.
5 – Check that your passport is up-to-date
Make sure you have a valid & up-to-date passport which won’t expire whilst you are away. Check the recommendations on passport validity for the counties your are travelling to. Make sure you have any necessary visas.
6 – Make your bookings
Whether you decide to visit your local travel agent or jump online, get everything booked in. Book as much as possible: flights, transfers, hotels, tours or day trips & don’t forget your travel insurance.
7 – Make a plan.
What do you want to see, do & experience whilst travelling? Put a plan together & allow room for spontaneous adventures.
8 – Prepare
Tell your bank you are traveling & set up any automatic payments you may miss. Put your phone onto global roaming. Tell your neighbours & arrange house sitters, etc.
9 – Pack
Take time to make a list of everything you will need. Check the weather for your destination & know what kind of clothing is required for that time of year. Take layers. Don’t overpack. You will more than likely be able to buy it if you didn’t take it.
10 – Enjoy your trip.
Remember this is a holiday & an adventure. Enjoy every minute!

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