For years I only ever travelled with friends or family...

I had no desire to travel on my own. 

I thought it was better to have someone to share the experiences with…

And I believed in safety in numbers. 

I ‘fell’ into solo travel when I became a travel agent and was able to travel more. 

I would extend conferences overseas to explore on my own.

Or I would book trips with agent specials because I didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

Those first few years of solo travel looked the part…

I mean, I got to see and do lots, visit new places and see amazing things

I got to see the things I wanted to see, get all the cool photos and share the stories

BUT when I look back now… I  can see just how little I really enjoyed these trips.

I was so caught up in fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

I was literally white knuckling my way through the entire trip.

And then telling myself (and anyone who wanted to hear) just how amazing it was. 

‘Of course it had to be amazing, I just spent 5 says in a magical new place.’

So why didn’t it felt amazing? 

It definitely wasn’t for lack of preparation. 

I spent loads of time researching.

I sold other people holidays to these destinations and I felt like I knew them just like the back of my own hand… I had all the insider knowledge. I was as prepared as one could possibly get BUT I wasn’t mentally prepared…

I lacked self-confidence.

I hadn’t yet created that no matter what self-belief and knowing that I will be ok regardless, that I will support & love myself no matter what, that I have got my own back & I am capable of all the things coming my way… “BRING IT! I’ve got this!”

THAT was the missing piece… 

I had to drop the self-doubt and fear to truly get the most out of my travel experiences. 

When you are afraid, anxious or having doubts you are so wrapped up in your own head that you don’t get to fully enjoy and experience all that is happening around you. 

Sometimes you even hold yourself back, stay in the hotel room and tell yourself you just need a little break, a rest, when in actual fact you just can’t face the outside world right now… 

I learned how to create self-confidence and powerfully believe in myself and THEN I was able to travel the globe solo, start my own travel coaching business on the side and eventually leave my 9-5 job to pursue my travel dreams. 

And, I can help YOU do this too. 

Hi, I’m Xena. I am a Travel Coach and the founder of Solo Women Travel Tribe.

Here are a few random facts about me to get us better acquainted.

  • I am a Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School
  • I love cats (I am a not-so-secret crazy cat lady)
  • I believe women can be, do and have anything they dam well want!
  • I love the word magical
  • I don’t do woo-woo manifestation stuff
  • I am passionate about Solo Travel for women and I believe it is one of the most empowering things we will ever do!
  • I started a Facebook group for Solo female travellers that now has almost 40,000 women (holy crap!)
  • I swear, often
  • I believe that vulnerability builds connection and I like to share my vulnerable side
  • I am on a mission to help more women feel confident and achieve their solo travel dreams


Ok I could ramble on with more random facts about me but you are not here for that… 

You are here because you want to feel better and travelling on your own.

Heres the thing, for most of us having information doesn’t make us feel confident, it doesn’t make us feel prepared – In fact sometimes it just makes us feel overwhelmed. 

Having a coach by your side to help you create self-confidence is the missing piece that will tie all that knowledge together for you.

I know the idea of spending money on coaching feels like you are throwing money away when you could be spending it on travel.

I know how hard it feels to see others out there travelling, living the life you want.

But I also know that self-confidence doesn’t come from beating yourself up, white knuckling it and just forcing yourself to do it.

I will teach you…

> How to feel self-confident doing something you haven’t done before

> How to feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable things

> How to not beat yourself up when things don’t go the way you had hoped

> How to love and support yourself no matter what

Let’s get on the phone and chat. What have you go to loose (apart from 1 magical hour with me)…?

I will show you why you feel afraid, anxious or full of doubt AND I will give you one tool you can use straight away to start feeling better.

Check out what my clients have to say...

“After every session I felt clear and more confident about what I needed to do and how to do it. I also felt really encouraged, and I couldn’t wait to share my achievements in the next session during the week.

I feel like I am getting a chance to be in the drivers seat of my life! I am much better at conscientiously choosing what I want and what feelings I want to create/how I want to feel about the things in my life. Also I have a life, and identity that I value, outside of work.”

– Natasha Murachver, New Zealand

“I never thought I would invest in a life coach, but since I’ve met Xena I have quit smoking, started a side business, built my website and lost weight while travelling through Europe!

It’s incredible how she’s able to break down barriers, clear the clutter in my mind and put me on a path that has me excited to get out of bed every morning.

She’s such a warm, funny and loving person. Her life coaching has been life-changing! I couldn’t recommend her more!”

– Georgia Kirby, Australia

“Xena has helped me fast track my self healing by giving me the tools to change my thought process to enhance the experiences of my day to day life. With her coaching and insightful perspective she has helped me become the person I want to be. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to change their life from the inside out because that’s where it needs to start..”

– Ari Schou, New Zealand