Become a Digital Nomad in 6 weeks

Create an online business helping others, make an impact & create the freedom to live & travel on your terms. 


  • I will teach you how to find an area where your skill set & passions can help people (& get paid to do it). We all have the ability to help others with something that we are naturally good at but we can’t always figure out what this is, often we don’t even realise we have it.
  • I will give you all of the mindset tools you need in order to set yourself up for success. And teach you why your mind is the most powerful asset you have and how you can tap into its full potential.
  • I will show you how to set up your business- with websites, Facebook pages, email addresses
  • I will teach you how to sell your services without being a salesman. How to find your tribe of people via both organic & paid methods & how to best serve them.
  • I will show you how I set up my Facebook community & have built a huge and loyal following and teach you how to do this too.

What is a Digital Nomad?

It is a person who can live anywhere and work from their laptop

It is freedom

It is earning a living on the move

It is flexibility

It is life on your terms

Course outline:


NICHE – How to solve a problem & help people using your current skills & passions. And why everybody has the ability to do this. We will go through exercises to access your currently skill sets, strengths & abilities, shedding light on things you haven’t seen before. Why we need to pick a niche & become a specialist in order to help more people & make more money.


MINDSET – This is the foundation of our success. If we don’t work on our mindset we will have the skills & know what we need to do but we will be paralysed by fear & hold ourselves back from doing it. Key principles we need to learn & adopt. How to set ourselves up for success on a daily basis. 


SET UP – This is the behind the scenes stuff.  Websites, email addresses, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts. I take you through step by step how to set these up, what you need and what you don’t and how to succeed without spending lots on a fancy website.


SALES & MARKETING – How to get paid for helping others and not feel like a sleezy salesman in the process. How to sell your services in a way that feels good to you. Where to find your people both organically and via paid advertising. How to create a point of difference and stand out in a crowd.


COMMUNITY –Building your community & finding your tribe, why is this so important & how do we do it. I share all of my secrets to the success of Solo Women Travel Tribe.


IMPOSTER SYNDROME & WHO AM I TO DO THIS – By now you are beginning to think who am I to do this? And all of the fear & doubt is creeping in. You are starting to say “I don’t know how…” and coming up with excuses. We are tackling this head on. Together we will create a support system, short & long term goals & an accountability system to keep us on track.

What's included?

  • 6 weekly modules – with one released each week (a mixture of video lessons & PDF worksheets)


  • Private FB community just for those in this course


  • Weekly live video Q&A session with me


  • Life time access to this course – every time I add a new module or revise a current module, you have free access!


  • BONUS: A 1:1 coaching call with Xena


Contact Xena if you’re keen 

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Who is Xena...?

  • Xena is the founder of Solo Women Travel Tribe (SWTT), an online platform for women from all over the globe to connect, share, learn & inspire each other through their own solo travel journeys.
  • She is a certified Life and Business Coach with Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School.
  • A qualified travel professional, Xena owned & ran her own successful travel agency for a number of years.
  • Xena runs SWTT tours all over the globe – bringing together like minded women to create life long memories and friendships.
  • She spends countless hours studying up on mindset & business, both for passion and self development.
  • Xena has travelled around the world working from her laptop and has supplemented the majority of her income from SWTT 
  • She is the host of the popular Podcast, Solo Women Travel Tribe Podcast and the newly released Mindset & Travel with Xena

What you need to know

This course is only for you if you are SERIOUS about doing this AND you understand it will require a lot of hard work – It won’t always be easy but it will ALWAYS be worth it. 

This is self directed learning – You will work through the weekly lessons at your own pace, in your own time. 

The price is $797.00 USD

Registration has closed. Contact Xena if you would like to get on the waiting list. 

For any questions please contact me: [email protected]