Coaching changed my world.
Imagine walking around for 28 years with prescription glasses on 24-7
Only to discover one day that you didn’t need them
And in fact the whole time you had them on the world was blurry
Now it's clearer than ever before and everything finally makes sense!
...That is how I describe my introduction to Life Coaching.

Check out what my clients have to say...

“I never thought I would invest in a life coach, but since I’ve met Xena I have quit smoking, started a side business, built my website and lost weight while travelling through Europe!

It’s incredible how she’s able to break down barriers, clear the clutter in my mind and put me on a path that has me excited to get out of bed every morning.

She’s such a warm, funny and loving person. Her life coaching has been life-changing! I couldn’t recommend her more!”

– Georgia Kirby, Australia

“Xena has helped me fast track my self healing by giving me the tools to change my thought process to enhance the experiences of my day to day life. With her coaching and insightful perspective she has helped me become the person I want to be. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to change their life from the inside out because that’s where it needs to start..”

– Ari Schou, New Zealand