A collection of solo travel resources

How to feel better video coaching series (5 videos with real life examples and action steps) Available inside S.W.T.T and by clicking HERE

The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo (start at episode #1)

UnF*ck Your Brain Podcast with Kara Loewentheil 

The following are BOOKS I highly recommend:

Lousie Hay – You can heal your life

Brooke Castillo – Self Coaching 101

Byron Katie – Loving what is

Shonda Rhimes – The year of yes

Jen Sincero – You are a bad ass

Optimise your personal safety with a WanderSafe device. WanderSafe is on a mission to make travel safer for everyone, wherever you are going. CLICK HERE to check them out AND be sure to use the code SOLOTRAVEL10 to save 10% on your safety device!

Here are a list of Podcast episodes specifically on safety: 

Episode 1 – How to stay safe as a solo woman traveller

Episode 39 – Travelling in one of the worlds most dangerous cities

Episode 46 – Safety as a solo woman traveller

Episode 72 – When something scares you

Gloria Atanmo – Glo from The Blog Abraod is a solo traveller, hugely successful travel blogger, GoPro ambassador and an all-round amazing woman! She has inspired me on many levels and blew me away with her kindness, down to earth & loving nature when I had the pleasure of meeting her in person. You can follow here on Facebook, Instagram or find her over on her website

Matt Kepnes – Matt is a fellow solo traveller and the creator of the successful travel blog Nomadic Matt. Helping people travel more for less he has created a huge range of resources, content and goodness to help fellow travellers. While he may be a dude he is also a large activist for solo female travel and works closely with Kristin Addis (from Be My Travel Muse) to help the women in his community. You can find him over on Instagram, Facebook or on his website.