SOLO TRAVEL is a beautiful way to see the world. I have a feeling most of you visiting this site are solo travellers who are living out great adventures, constantly adapting and growing as human beings, and serving as inspiration for those following your journeys. You are Queens. You are Goddesses. Don’t forget this and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise either. It’s a FACT!

And as Queens and Goddesses, we have to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves at all times. This article will give you my best SELF-CARE TIPS and examples of SELF LOVE RITUALS that you can easily do whilst travelling.


Females, being on the road, taking buses, trains, flights, boats, hiking mountains and swimming the seas, changing altitudes and time zones, I could go on and on; these are essential parts of being TRAVELLERS, and over time can wear us down a little bit. If it’s not the physical demands of travel, it can be the emotional demands that challenge us. For instance, sometimes Solo Travel can be lonely. Sometimes we want to connect with others but maybe there is a language barrier or a fear factor that prevents us from fully opening up to others. Don’t worry. Breathe. Remember that you are living your dreams in this present moment.  Talk yourself through all stressful situations, and be gentle and loving with your words. Whether out loud or in your head, talk to yourself. Remind yourself about all your strengths, your beautiful qualities, your accomplishments over time as a Traveller, and use the sweetest, most loving words you can. Believe me, your body and spirit will take notice and they will work towards making you stronger and more confident in dealing with anything that comes your way. 


We are so very capable of achieving any and all of our goals. Think for a moment about the last place you visited. Did you first come up with an idea (like a trip), then set your intention for what that trip would mean to you (perhaps it would be a chance for growth by opening yourself up to a new culture, or saying Yes to opportunities presented to you while travelling), and of course you then watered that idea with love? With time, the idea grew into a plan and you manifested your dream. You realized your idea, you travelled and grew/blossomed. There were perfect opportunities to practice gratitude. Practice gratitude for the idea, for the intention and for the moments you are living out what was once just an idea. Another example of how to set intentions is simply to declare what you it is you want. I always BLESS MY TRIP before it begins. I ask for all the right people and the best experiences during my travels, the ones that will teach me the most. I can’t tell you how much it has changed my travel experiences. Especially on my solo journeys, setting the intention for a blessed, safe and adventurous trip has made all the difference. You can set the intention that best suits your needs: the trip of a lifetime, a fun learning experience, a spiritual journey, a relaxing holiday, or any combination of these. Be creative and have fun with it. And don’t forget to humbly show gratitude to those you encounter while travelling.


Whether you are a chocolate or sweets addict, or love a good dip in the ocean, maybe massages are your thing, or perhaps you love a glass of wine paired with a great meal, remember to show yourself some love while travelling. Do you know how many people don’t put themselves first on a day to day basis? If we aren’t taking care of our partner, maybe we are taking care of friends or family members, and if not maybe pets, or maybe we put our job first. . . The fact is travel is the perfect time to PUT YOURSELF FIRST. You want a glass of wine, buy that glass and savour every drop. You want something decadent, try that dessert and don’t apologise to anyone for it. You want to unwind or relax, buy a massage or maybe just take a good tub bath in your hotel, or maybe a swim in Mother Nature’s gift of water if you can. I treat myself when I travel because I know that it’s good for my soul. I know that self love is the most important love, and we don’t need anyone else to practice it with. Other examples of self love rituals you can try: light candles or incense, or use essential oils to relax after a long day of travel. I usually have both incense and some Ylang Ylang and Rosehip or Lavender or Orange Blossom oils are good to boost your mood if feeling sad and Peppermint is good for headaches.  All natural beverages like fresh power juices made of fruits and veggies or loose-leaf teas can also be a treat and a boost to your immune system while travelling.


This suggestion is one that has personally challenged me to be more authentic when I travel. Before social media was a thing, we used to live more in the Present Moment when we were seeing a place for the first time. Think about it. Why are you taking out your camera or smart phone at every turn? For yourself? Or is it because you have something to prove to someone, someone you may not even know, that you lived some great adventure? I noticed I was taking too many photos of things and places and therefore I wasn’t being fully present. Now, I make an effort to leave my camera home one or a few days while I’m travelling. I remind myself that not every meal (however new to me) needs to be documented and uploaded for the masses. I limit my technology when I can because it’s one factor that takes me out of those moments that I will never live again. I did it in Morocco, in Marrakesh. I hardly have any pictures from this city, but I needed that break and guess what, I still have the memories. I still can tell you how the prayers sounded from a rooftop restaurant where I ate Kefta Tajine looking out onto all the tan buildings and other rooftops.


This is a very powerful Prayer that has helped grow my Self Love and has also deflected other negative energies and people from my life. Find a quiet space where you are alone. Take a few deep breaths. Then begin by reciting the prayer out loud. Take a deep breath after you finish reciting it once, and then repeat 2 more times. In total you should say this prayer 3 times (per day if possible). It’s a ritual that is just for you. It is going to reprogramme you. You are going to be more loving, specifically kinder and more loving to yourself. You are going to attract more love and positivity into your life too, and hopefully you will recognize that YOU ARE THE LOVE THAT YOU SEEK. Again, this article is about the Self. Know that you yourself are Divine Love! This Ritual can be combined with other ones I’ve mentioned above. For instance, I’ve recited this prayer while taking a relaxing bath, on a mountain while hiking, and in my room with incense burning. I’ve also looked into a mirror while reciting it so that I can see the person that I am praying for. I guarantee this is a particularly powerful way to feel the words you are speaking.

So those are the Self Love rituals you can do absolutely anywhere, even while travelling. If you have any questions or want to connect with me, don’t hesitate. I love supporting other women and I wish you lots of LOVE on your travels you GODDESSES!

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