I’m going to confess… I once was a very lazy traveller.

When I think back to all the travel I did with friends and family before my solo adventures I have no idea how I managed to get from A to B and navigate my way around. How did I know where our hotels were and how to use the local public transport? I probably didn’t! I just relied on them. I was lazy.

I remember thinking, “It’s so good to not have to be in control, in charge”. I would let someone else figure it all out… Sit back and relax was my mentality.

Travelling solo was a wake-up call and a much needed one! And in all honesty it has helped my memory of my travels to be so much clearer as I am much more focused and attentive to the details. I now remember my travel experiences so much better.

I am much more mindful as a Solo Traveller.

So what is my top tip to combat being a lazy traveller? Research.

Do your research. Do your homework. Prepare.

So, what should you research? Here is a list to get you started:
– How to get from the airport to your hotel.
– What are the main sights to see?
– Where is the nearest public transport and how do you use it?
– Where are the sights you want to see in relation to your hotel?
– What is the local cuisine?
– Where is the closest food store to your hotel?
– Where is the nearest information centre?
– What do the locals recommend doing?
– Are there any Solo Traveller meet-up groups in this city that you could attend?

Once you arrive at your destination… Get the lay of the land:
– Find some landmarks or points of interest near to your hotel so that you remember how to find it whilst walking around.
– Ask at hotel reception for a map and circle your hotel on it.
– Ask at hotel reception where the nearest bus, tram, train, etc, are and how to use the transport system (costs and do you need to pre-purchase tickets or just grab one on board, etc).
– Ask locals for recommendations of good places to eat.

Since becoming a Solo Traveller I have learned the importance of doing my research. I don’t need to have everything planned down to a tee but I will at least have a rough idea of what I want to see and do, where my hotel is located and how to use the local public transport, etc. This makes for a much more enjoyable trip without any need for worry and stress.

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