As a solo traveller I think Singapore is a great solo travel experience.

Here is a few of my reasons why…

  • Easy navigation
  • Loads of sights to see and attractions to visit
  • English is the first language (although many others are spoken it is easy to find someone who can
    speak English)
  • Shopping is fantastic
  • Public transport is great and easy to use
  • Diverse range of food available
  • Clean & tidy city
  • I felt really safe navigating this city on my own by both day and night.

For those of us who have been to other parts of Asia before (for example I have visited Bali,
Thailand, China) it is not the cheap, sometimes dirty, very noisy and very busy Asian country
experience. Singapore is the complete opposite of this. Prepare to be amazed…

Here are a few of the sights I visited and recommend seeing –

  1. Take a river cruise along the Singapore River – great opportunity to snap some photos
  2. Head up to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel & drink a Singapore Sling at the bar looking out at the
    spectacular city views
  3. Walk along Orchard Road & do a spot of shopping
  4. Take a ride on the Singapore Flyer
  5. Visit the botanical gardens and check out the beautiful Orchids (Singapore’s national flower)
  6. Spend a day exploring Sentosa Island & take a Segway ride
  7. Visit the Sentosa Underwater World & feed the stingrays

There are so many wonderful sights to see in Singapore – Take your time in researching different things & plan your days.

Tip – Get a map, circle your hotel on it and ask the hotel for a business card – in case your taxi driver doesn’t understand your accent when asking for a ride.


Do you want to travel solo or do you have the opportunity to, but you’re facing fear, anxiety or overwhelming thoughts. Thinking I don’t know if I can do this. This is too hard. Where do I start?….

Sound familiar?

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