For me, solo travel means confidence. 

Feeling confident changes your experience and the way you see the world.
Whilst travelling solo, confidence can be the difference between having the time of your life & wishing you were back in the comfort of your own home.
If you are ready to stop feeling anxiety, fear or self-doubt in place of confidence, then these four steps are for you…


Let me tell you about my solo trip to Greece & feeling anything but confident…
My best friend & I had planned a trip to Greece to celebrate my birthday & explore the spectacular Greek islands. We were both living together in London & had been doing a few small trips around the UK & Europe.
Little did we know that a change in her circumstances was around the corner & she would be returning to the other side of the world. To live.
I was devastated. Not only was I now living in London without my best friend but I was soon to be homeless. And a few months off my big Greek adventure. Alone.
I was booked onto a tour group and was telling myself this was a good thing whilst secretly freaking out about having to meet new people. What if they don’t like me? What if they are a bunch of party people & I’m not!? What if I don’t fit in & I’m the odd one out.?
I was seriously freaking out! There was more dread than excitement about this trip.
It wasn’t my first solo travel experience and yet I was still panicking about every little detail.
I tried so hard to feel excited. Everyone else was so excited for me & I just played along… Anxiety, fear, overwhelming self doubt .. they’re are a few of the emotions I was feeling.
I was feeling anything BUT confident.

The night before I flew out I stayed in a fancy 5 star airport hotel which I though would be a nice treat and help get me excited for the trip. I was so anxious I did not enjoy one minute of that expensive hotel nor did I get much sleep.

When I arrived in Greece at the hotel I met one of the two girls I would be sharing a room with (fellow solo women travellers) & she was nice. But this did not stop my mind from creating a crazy stream of ‘what if’ scenarios and hypothetical situations. Met second room mate later that day & began to feel a bit better about my situation.

Then came the group meeting that evening where we met the rest of our tour group. I had to drink two beers before summoning up the courage to introduce myself in a group situation.

Ok, let me get to the point of my story.

I lacked confidence.

I felt a LOT of anxiety, self doubt and overwhelming fear instead. I now know this was completely unnecessary.

I missed out on a few of the things I wanted to see & do. I didn’t always speak my mind around these unfamiliar people & I held myself back. Don’t get me wrong, I still did see & do a lot. I had a wonderful time. I met some amazing people! But I wanted to see more. Do more. Be more…. And now I know I can. I am & I have. I have the tools & the knowhow to be different & to feel different.

I am confident. I am courageous. I am excited.

I want to share what I have learned. How I got this solo travel confidence. I want you to LOVE travelling solo, to embrace this & do it often. I want YOU to have the confidence to see & do everything you want on your adventures & never miss out. You deserve to feel confident. It’s a skill that no one taught you.

Let me teach you.

Xena xx