I was sitting on the beach in Waikiki, Hawaii staring at the beautiful blue water, soaking in the sunshine & it hit me. I was all alone. I had to no one to hang out with here, nobody to sight see with, shop with, swim with, drink cocktails with…

It was just me and I was lonely.

The funny thing is, I’m an introvert. I like ‘me time’. I don’t just like it – I freaking love it! I crave alone time & sometimes I go so far as to cancel plans with other people just to get some time alone. It’s my way of re-energising.

Loneliness can hit you at the strangest of times. And that’s ok. We are all human.

How can we beat this loneliness? Here are some tried & tested tips I have come up with…

People watch! Go to a coffee shop & sit there sipping your latte whilst watching everyone go by. Or grab a cocktail at a bar & watch those around you.
Treat yourself – Get a massage, have your nails done, get your hair done. Sometimes just the human touch can make huge difference.
Exercise – Go on a hike, get out in nature, run along the beach. Exercise is good for the soul & gets the endorphins going.
Listen to your favourite song. I recommend playing it as loud as you can & dancing like a crazy person for the ENTIRE song.
Interact with someone – Strike up a conversion with a stranger at a coffee shop, in a bar, at your hotel. Be open & enjoy your chat.
Look at the meet-ups website & see if there are any other solo travellers in your area you could meet up with.
Join a local day tour or free walking tour. Great way to meet others or just get out & see the sights in a city.

And my final & most important tip:
Focus on the way you think – think about things that make you laugh, make you happy, make you smile. Keep thinking these thoughts. Get out & do things that excite & challenge you to generate more positive thoughts.

If you find yourself feeling homesick whilst travelling around the world, consider this…

Home is not only a place but a feeling.

After moving half way around the world & living with a constant feeling of homesickness, one day I noticed that I no longer had that feeling and I had replaced the “I miss home” thought.

I now feel at home where ever I am.

I truly believe that home is not just a place but a feeling. And you can create it where ever you are in the world.

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