We all have an inner mean girl. You know, that voice in your head who says things like:

Who the hell are you to do this?!
You will never find your way back to the hotel!
Who do you think you are, are you crazy?
Well this was a stupid idea!
What a waste of time that was!
Why do you even bother?

Letting that girl run the show is no fun. She is mean. She is nasty & it only gets worse when she is in charge. I want to teach you how to turn her off. How to ignore her & how to manage your mind.
What do I mean when I say manage your mind? I mean look after yourself on the inside. Look after yourself so that you can make the most of your travel experiences.

Here are my 3 steps to managing you mind –

Step 1 – Thought awareness – Become aware that these sentences in your mind are just thoughts. When that voice in your head says something along the lines of ‘well that was dumb’ recognise that, that it is JUST a thought.

Step 2 – Acknowledgement – Let her know that you can hear her. I like to say something like ‘Hey lady I hear ya in there but I am not hanging out with you today’. Acknowledge that voice. You don’t have to buy into it & continue on down that path of negative thoughts that it provides. You can acknowledge & move on.

Step 3 – Choose on purpose – Choose what you want to think. I want to believe I can do this, I can make this happen, I will have the time of my life, I will learn so much from this experience. I am amazing! Be your own cheerleader. Tell yourself you can do this. Have your own back.

So let’s recap. Step 1 is Thought Awareness. Step 2 is Acknowledgement & step 3 is Choose on Purpose.

Go out & enjoy the world! Make the most of your travel adventures. See more, do more & be more. Don’t let that inner mean girl run the show.

Interested in taking this work to the next level?

My program takes you through a specific process focused entirely on you. First we will take your confidence to the next level, then you’ll learn about how to feel in control of your life and to get more of what you want (travel, money, motivation for example) and less of what you don’t want (anxiety, overwhelming fear and worry to name a few).

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