I love to travel on my own, to go solo.  It is such a powerful experience in so many ways.  Every time I experience a foreign place on my own I learn more about myself. I spent some time thinking about why it is so good for us…

  • Your confidence will grow – Having to make decisions, figure things out and make mistakes along the way is all part of the experience and makes you a stronger person. Left to your own devices you will try things you might never have considered. You will learn to trust your intuition and as a result your confidence will grow.
  • You can enjoy a destination on your own terms, without keeping to a schedule or the distraction of others – Only do what interests you. Do what you want when you want and how you want, allowing for more independence on your journey.
  • Empowerment – You are in charge of every decision you make and it is empowering to discover how capable and resourceful you can be. Solo travel can also empower you to tackle even more things you have been afraid to try in your life.
  • Freedom – Travelling solo makes y.ou think of your priorities in life. It can set you free from being restricted by expectations.
  • Appreciation – You will be reminded of what’s important in life.
  • Spend as much or as little as you would like – You are in charge and you can choose to spend all day sitting in a cocktail bar drinking mohijtos, at a day spa, shopping up a storm or just lying by the pool. You can stay in a hostel or 5 star hotel and not have to worry about the budget of a travel companion.
  • Personal growth – You have time for reflection and personal growth. You have time to discover who you really are and expand your spirit.


Do you want to travel solo or do you have the opportunity to, but you’re facing fear, anxiety or overwhelming thoughts. Thinking I don’t know if I can do this. This is too hard. Where do I start?….

Sound familiar?

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