Life Coach - Traveller - Tribe Builder... Hi! I'm Xena

Calling all Aspiring Digital Nomads

If you are a women who is passionate about travel & wants to create a life of freedom by working remotely & becoming location independent, the I want to help you.

I teach women how to create their own online based service business by using their current skills & passions.

I started Solo Women Travel Tribe, grew my online business & left my 9-5 job. NOW I live, travel & work from anywhere with a wifi connection.

This journey isn’t always easy. It will require you to do things you’ve never done before, it will be uncomfortable, it will challenge you, it will be hard. BUT if it was easy you would already have it, right? 

Let me promise you this – This journey of starting & growing your online business & becoming a Digital Nomad IS 100% WORTH IT.

If this is a life you want to create then let me help you.

I work with women through 1:1 coaching & consulting & through our online courses. 

If you are ready to start this journey then click here to get in touch.

Let’s do this! x

Who is Xena?

  • Xena is the founder of Solo Women Travel Tribe (SWTT), an online platform for women from all over the globe to connect, share, learn & inspire each other through their own solo travel journeys.
  • She is a certified Life and Business Coach with Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School.
  • A qualified travel professional, Xena owned & ran her own successful travel agency for a number of years.
  • Xena runs SWTT tours all over the globe – bringing together like minded women to create life long memories and friendships.
  • She spends countless hours studying up on mindset & business, both for passion and self development.
  • Xena has travelled around the world working from her laptop and has supplemented her income from SWTT
  • She is the host of the popular Podcast, Solo Women Travel Tribe Podcast

What are people saying?

“I never thought I would invest in a life coach, but since I’ve met Xena I have quit smoking, started a side business, built my website and lost weight while travelling through Europe! It’s incredible how she’s able to break down barriers, clear the clutter in my mind and put me on a path that has me excited to get out of bed every morning. She’s such a warm, funny and loving person. Her coaching has been life-changing! I couldn’t recommend her more!” – Georgia, Australia

“After every session I felt clear and more confident about what I needed to do and how to do it. I also felt really encouraged, and I couldn’t wait to share my achievements in the next session during the week. I feel like I am getting a chance to be in the drivers seat of my life! I am much better at conscientiously choosing what I want and what feelings I want to create/how I want to feel about the things in my life. Also I have a life, and identity that I value”. – Natasha, New Zealand

“Excellent course content and step-by-step guidance with tailored support & encouragement from Xena! A couple other features that I especially like: unlimited access (to go back and focus my current efforts on), having regular feedback, and access to a super group of like-minded ladies (as a built in support system).”  – Melanie, USA